Operations of a Luxurious Island. FOOD, FUN, Cooking... 4 Days at “Zaya Nurai" Resort, Abu Dhabi

Anthony Rahayel

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Experience paradise on earth; welcome to #ZayaNurai #island! Located in #AbuDhabi, the natural island hosts one of the most luxurious hotels on earth welcoming you in one of their fifty individual villas hosting between one and six rooms. Relax and enjoy luxury in your own stand-alone house with your private pool and beachfront... it’s called Zaya Nurai!


I was happy to know that Marc Abed, my friend since 2014 is the chef at Zaya Nurai. I’ve recorded one of my first videos with Marc in Byblos and still laugh every time I watch it. Five years passed... Marc has toured the world, studied in several countries and never stopped learning; he has a baggage of ideas and knowhow. Sushi in Japan, pizza in Italy, Brazilian food in Brazil and much more. I was not expecting to be amazed... #UAE